Motor Vehicle Radiators


Too much heat can cause a lot of danger to ones health. This is why our bodies are made in such a way that there is a means of losing excess heat from our body. Same case applies to motor vehicles. There is usually a lot of mechanical activity going on in a car as it is moving. These processes produce a lot of heat which if not gotten rid of, it can cause the engine to overheat which will make parts of the car to wear off very easily. This is why a radiator is necessary in a car. A car radiator helps in transferring thermal energy from one medium to another by the use of a coolant. In other words the work of a radiator in any auto mobile is cooling the engine system.

The heat transfer mechanism in a radiator occurs through thermal radiation, convection through the coolant liquid and air and conduction. The coolant in the radiator is majorly water but it is also mixed with ethylene glycol. The glycol prevents the coolant from freezing when exposed to very low temperatures. The coolant is also mixed with other substances so as to help prevent erosion, corrosion and cavitation. Visit this website for more information about radiators.

The coolant in the radiator is pumped to the engine through the help of a centrifugal pump. The coolant flows and cools the various parts of the engine. Most radiators have a fan that fans the coolant as it flows back to the radiator after cooling the engine. Some also have tabulators. The turbulence helps in cooling the coolant and the engine more effectively. This heat is lost through the hot air from the coolant into the atmosphere. The coolant which has now regained low temperature flows back to the engine and the cycle repeats itself.

In the olden days, radiators were usually made of brass and copper. In modern times, they are made majorly from plastic or aluminum material. In a vehicle, they are located behind the grille. There is a thermostat that restarts the cooling process in the radiator when the temperatures increase to a certain extent automatically. A radiator can be replaced in parts or the whole system in general. It is very important to select the right dealership in automobile spare parts when one is replacing their radiator. Once purchased, it should come with a one year warranty with unlimited mileage.

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